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Do I need to pay the full amount when I make arrangements or can I make payments?

We gladly offer flexible payment plans to people who wish to pre-plan cemetery services but don't have all of the money to pay for it upfront. At-need arrangments require payment in full 24 hours prior to the burial.

What can I expect to be offered if I make an appointment?

Our staff does not work on commission and are trained to be kind and sensitive to your needs and concerns. We will gladly offer options and pricing to you under no obligation or pressure to purchase anything.

How will San Tan Memorial Gardens be maintained in the future?

We have a perpetual care fund that is regulated by the State of Arizona. Deposits are made into this fund each time a space is sold. Over time, when the cemetery is sold out and there are no more sales, the interest alone will be utilized to maintain the grounds. The principal of the fund will never be touched. Therefore, you can be assured, for generations to come, that the cemetery will be maintained beautifully. For more information on the Perpetual Care Fund, Click Here

Do you offer mausoleum or columbarium crypts or niches?

We have plans in the future to construct a mausoleum and we have areas reserved for the development of a mausoleum that will offer full size crypts and niches. If you would like updates on the development process and would like to be placed on a waiting list please contact our office.

What if I wish to be buried traditionally in the ground, however, my spouse wishes to be cremated?

Virtually any combination of burial is available to accommodate couples and families. Our Family Counselors can help you see what is available and how to go about designing a plan for your particular needs. Click here to see our Advance Planning page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When I purchase a cemetery space do I own that piece of property?

When you purchase a cemetery space you purchase the right of interment of the the space you select. The land remains in the cemetery's name.

Can I have upright monuments or headstones?



We only allow flat markers that are flush with the ground. Visit our Monuments Page for more information on headstones, monuments, and memorial markers.