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Creating a monument or headstone is an important part in honoring your loved ones and leaving a mark for future generations. Some cemeteries allow upright headstones, called 'monuments,' to be installed at a burial plot. While others allow headstones that are flat against the ground, otherwise known as 'markers.' Currently, we only allow flat markers to ensure proper sprinkler coverage.


When it comes to designing a flat marker, we offer a variety of granite colors and bronze material. Most markers can be customized exactly according to your preferences. The size of the marker will always depend on the size of the space that is purchased. We are proud to offer only the finest in monument materials and craftsmanship. 

24" X 12" Single or Companion Marker

The 24" x 12" Marker is centered over one full size space. The marker can be customized to have one or up to four names engraved with a variety of design options.

42" X 14" Companion Marker

The 42" X 14" Marker is centered over two full size spaces. These monuments are typically purchased by couples who choose to be interred side-by-side rather than utilizing the upper and lower sections of each grave. 

16" X 9" Infant Marker

The 16" X 9" Marker is centered over an infant space in the infant section. There are a variety of design and customization options available. 

14" X 14" Urn Garden Marker

The 14" X 14" Markers are found in the Urn Garden only. A specific format is followed on Urn Garden Markers and customization is limited. All markers in the Urn Garden must be Elberton Gray color granite. 

If you choose to purchase a monument from another source it must meet all of the criteria set forth by San Tan Memorial Gardens. Please call the office to be emailed or faxed a copy of the criteria.

Marker Setting Fees

Each marker is subject to a setting fee regardless of where it has been purchased. Once a marker has been approved and meets the required criteria it will be installed immediately. Markers must be set by San Tan Memorial Gardens regardless of where the marker was purchased from.

Marker Setting Fees

24" x 12" Marker: $300

42" x 14" Marker: $340

16" x 9" Marker: $125

14" x 14" Marker: $150

All markers are installed with a concrete border surrounding all four edges. This is done to act as a foundation for the marker and keep it from shifting over time. Infant markers are significantly smaller in size and weight, so there is no concrete border applied to them.