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Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan

      An Extra Measure of Protection

Thanks to the advancements of our day and age, traveling has become almost second nature to us. By traveling so frequently we tend to forget that when we're away from home, anything can happen. So many of us are increasingly mobile, enjoying more and more travel for vacation, business, and even retirement. Americans are finding themselves away from home more often than ever for several reasons:

  • ​Grandchildren and other family members are more spread out than ever before

  • Employees are retiring early and are on the road enjoying new experiences far away from home

  • People with medical conditions are seeking treatment in distant medical centers

  • 80% of Americans (over 18) take a trip 100 miles or more away from home that lasts at least one night or more

  • Over 50% of international travel is performed by senior citizens

As a result of such increased travel, we have seen an increase in the number of people who pass away while traveling away from home. This puts an unexpected burden on families to locate assistance when they are in a place they are unfamiliar with both inside and outside of the country.


With average transportation costs ranging anywhere from $1,500-$3,500 within the United States this can be a significant burden for anyone trying to get their loved one back home. This is why we offer families the ability to protect themselves with the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan.

  • Return of Mortal Remains when you're 100 miles or more away from your legal residence​​​​.

  • Identifies a local, licensed funeral home, mortuary, or direct disposition facility at the site of death.

  • Provides a toll-free phone number to connect you with experienced staff who arrange all the details needed for preparations and transportation of the deceased to the pre-selected funeral home or mortuary of your choice.

  • Manages all documents including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world.

  • Guarantees rigorous management of all cases to ensure the highest quality of services.

  • Eliminates confusion as to what to do during a time of need.

  • Prevents unexpected financial loss by covering last-minute and up-front transportation costs.

  • Eliminates language barriers when applicable.

  • Provides an extensive network of providers to assist you anywhere, anytime.

Why Do I Need A Travel Assurance Plan?
What Does It Do?
How Much Does It Cost?
  • Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plans are sold per person for a one-time enrollment fee of $425.

  • There are no additional or unexpected membership, convenience or licensing fees, ever.

How Do I Enroll?

Becoming a member of the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan is a simple 3 step process involving 1) completing an application form with one of our family counselors, 2) submitting your one-time enrollment fee, and 3) receiving your membership card via mail that identifies you as a member. 

To schedule an appointment or ask any questions regarding the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan contact us by calling (480) 987-2488 or email us directly by clicking the button below.